As a final farewell to the school year, we celebrated with a movie and discussion!

On April 10th 2018 we hosted a soirée that included the major motion picture Hidden Figures, some pizza and of course popcorn. While watching the movie we reflected on how these women have impacted past generations’ lives, as well as our own. We thought back to how the gender/ethnicity biases affected these women and how we still face these issues today. We facilitated discussions and found that as much as these women stood up for themselves, at times prominent voices were needed to make a change. Thus, people need to be aware of the struggles of others and be accepting of change for the greater good.

At the end of the movie, whether we had seen it before or were experiencing it for the first time, we felt moved by the accomplishments and the struggles these incredible ladies faced as the “Hidden Figures” of NASA. Even though these women remained hidden figures for decades, this movie inspired us to keep striving for greatness and to always try to overcome the obstacles ahead of us.

Thank you to all those who attended! And we hope to see you all in the fall.

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